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84' GL carburetor.

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There's 1984 Subaru gl FWD 5 speed manual. Cali emission.

There have leaky of fuel.. After rebuilding gasket kits.

I'm wonder any can fit other year?

I have 87 subaru carb but know that can't fit on intake manifold.


Or wanted carburetor. It's hard to find to fit than compare other 4WD carb.


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A California emission 1984 car would have a feedback carb, probably something that could be found here in California.  Personally, I'd try to fix the leak first rather that bring an unknown used carb into the equation, unless what you have has a cracked housing.  I currently have 4 Subarus, though I think all are Federal versions and all are 4wd except my '87 Standard with an EA71.  Here in California we have to deal with the dreaded smog tests, so a Webber is out of the question.

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