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Hi all. I thought I'd introduce myself. Name is Andrew. I just bought a 1996 Subaru Impreza Outback with 238,000 miles a couple weeks ago. It's the first car I've owned in 4 years after selling my Jeep, moving to Colorado, and deciding to buy a motorcycle. I used to own this same Subie except it was a 95 and not a 96 and I loved it like a child until the engine had to be replaced and after that parts just kept breaking every month so I had to let her go. I'm stoked on having my "old" car back again. I love these older impreza outback wagon's; rugged, cool looking, good ground clearance, awd, decent mpg's, and above all else--its a Subaru! What else do ya need. I still mostly bike (both motorcycle and bicycle) to school and work and errands but I plan on using my Subie for all my fly fishing, climbing, skiing, camping and road-trippin' explorations throughout the PNW. Looking forward to having this forum as a resource to keep my awd beast in good working order. Thanks in advance all for the help!

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