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I have a '78 GF that I'm currently in the process of restoring from having an engine fire, and the wiring harness was so far gone I didn't think it was worth saving. Long story short, it's got a new wiring harness from a 1978 BRAT, and there are a couple of plugs that don't line up. There's one that I feel I could make work pretty easily in the BRAT harness that runs back to the brake lights of the car, but the one that is causing issue is (and forgive me for lack of the proper technical term) the long black plug-in that is 2 rows high and 15 or so across...  


With the BRAT harness for the dash, it leaves that end of the plug clear on the other, wrong side of the car where the other end (connected to the original harness that runs through the rest of the car) is sitting. I don't know of a way to get this to adapt offhand without cutting and splicing in some fashion all those wires (which I really don't see myself doing) and I was wondering if anyone had a harness (the one that goes through the dash, and into the engine bay) they would be able to sell me.  Shipping isn't an issue...if you've got a harness I'll pay whatever shipping and then some for gratitude. I hope this explaination hasn't been TOO confusing to read...and any advice that may help me be able to still use the dash wiring harness from the brat would be more than appreciated. 





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