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1979 Wagon Fuel Tank Help

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My 1979 DL wagon's fuel tank is shot. Anyone with a lead on OEM? Used? Worth rebuilding? Fabricating? Can I carve one out of wood?


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You dont have to get a whole new tank, as long as it's not completely destroyed, you can use that handy dandy liner from Oreillys...




It brought my seive-like 1977 Ford Courier fuel tank to better than new and good for a very very long time!


The steps I did:


1. Remove from vehicle and remove sender/hoses, etc...

2. Fill with water and drain cleaner or descaler *eats all rust and almost any gunk away* *BE CAREFUL and wear protection...*

3. Rinse out WELL and dry completely, I used a hair dryer

4. Make sure as much crap is knocked free

5. Repeat step 2 and 3 if necessary, interior should be shiny before sealer is used

6. Follow directions on tin

7. clean up any sketchy bits on the ouside and spray tank with a good undercoating/fuel proof paint



dont forget to get the interior "ceiling of tank" clean

dont paint where you need cork to seal against steel

left over Red-Kote does not like to be kept, it tends to set once it hits oxygen.

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