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strongest 15" wheels?

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You're definitely right that the rear suspension binds up at full droop.  I hadn't thought about the bushings having to flex sideways, but that certainly doesn't help.  What amazes me is that, from what I can tell, the bushings are bonded to the inner and outer sleeves so they have to flex just to pivot normally.

However, you don't have to compress the springs/struts to get them in, even with a 1.5" lift, so I don't think that really limits travel. 

Also, a flex pit isn't going to compress the stock springs and struts close to full compression, or you'd be bottoming out constantly, so that isn't going to show the full extent of travel he's getting.


Northcoast - I like your rear bumper/tire carrier/plastic bumper trimming.

I built that bumper :) and did the trimming. It works , but was based on a bushing instead of a bearing, and I bet is loose now! lol


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Supposedly, the slotted wheels on turbo ss sedans and 95-96 legacy outback are the desired wheels for rally wheels.


Alloy or steel?  Can you link or post to a picture?

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Same ones I posted just those are clean.





The ones you posted are from a 98-99 Outback. The ones Miles and I are referring to are from a '91-93 Turbo Legacy and '96-97 Outback.


Better pictures of both from RockAuto.





These are the really tough ones:


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Gotcha... those are the ones I was trying to find a complete set of but ended up with the other ones.  They're close in quality but I prefer the other ones too.

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