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I was rear ended and I can't get my trunk to close. Latch is not warped or anything and I replaced the bumper. I'm guessing it's the lock on the trunk. Can anyone help me find a replacement in Northern California? I am willing to travel any distance as long as I can find this. Pick n pull in the Bay Area has no sedans only wagons.

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Google "nationwide auto parts." I looked around there for you, but couldn't find a lock for you. However, if you keep looking, or post your need on a bulletin board there, you should be able to find the sedan trunk lock.


Those locks are pretty well made, and not easily broken. You may want to try lubricating it with graphite oil to see if that "frees" it up, or checking any linkage to see if anything is bent, that would prevent the lock mechanism from working properly.


Also, perhaps re-post here asking members to score you a lock unit from a wrecking yard. Many people on this forum roam wrecking yards all the time. Ask for their help.

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sometimes you can try spacing the lower latch out by removing it and putting washers under it to space it a little bit.


crawl in the trunk with a flash light and try to figure out what's going on.  they're quite annoying to figure out in my experience. seems like they should catch..and they don't.

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