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Type 3 Aviation gasket sealant usage

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Hello guys I was wondering if you could use type 3 form-a-gasket as flange sealer by itself, like in carb flanges or intake flanges on ea-81 and ea-82 applications? or is this stuff only good if it has a paper gasket to adhere to.


Thank you!


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I've used it to put case halves together, just a thin coating on the mating surfaces and a piece of thread and the two surfaces never leaked on me (conti in a J3 Piper recertified as EXPERIMENTAL, so we could actually work on it ourselves)


I like the stuff, but you have to have good, meaning CLEAN and TRUE surfaces to mate up. it won't cover any sins like nicks or gouges, warps or scrapes to the surfaces being joined.


if it will mate up clean and true, then I'd say  the stuffs for you.


but as with anything,

Research it further before committing to it.


Best luck,



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