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My 2000 legacy windows don't stop when they are supposed to. They go about a half inch to far and have split the rubber seal. I looked inside the door and can see the stopper but it is about 1/4" from the catch when you roll the window up. Any ideas.



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These don't usually have window problems unless the window was broken and replaced at some point.

The top of the triangle (gusset seal) at the front is always split. The rubber dries, hardens, and shrinks with age and eventually splits. That part is about $75 IIRC at a Subaru dealer.


The upper stops in the door are there to park the window in the correct position when it rolls up. Those should be adjusted so the rear and top edges of the window meet the body seal in the correct position. The edge of the glass should be over the lip seal, and should then meet the cushion part beyond that. If it goes too far it stresses the door and the regulator, if it doesn't to far enough you get wind noise and possibly water leaks around the window. Basically the top edge of the window should be just under the metal strip at the top.

If you look at the lower rear edge of the window when its rolled up all the way, that is about how far over the edge of the lip seal the window should be the entire way up to the upper rear corner.

There is an adjustment on the lower section of the regulator that changes the angle of the window as it rolls up and down. You want to try to adjust this so the window hits both stops at the same time. If one stop hits before the other it will stress the regulator which will cause it to bend, and eventually the regulator will fatigue and crack.


There are instructions in the factory service manual for adjusting the window, but they're kind of confusing and require some special tools IIRC. But it has pictures of all of the adjustment points, and it may help.

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I must have something bent inside the door. The front tab misses the stop by about 1/4" but the back one hits it

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