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A year in review

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Well, I have owned Aura for about a year now.  2013 BRZ Premium manual. She has just under 11,500 miles, if you consider my daily commute is only 10 miles, and a lot of the time I take the hardtop or the legacy or my motorcycle, I have actually put most of those miles on in pleasure driving.  I wanted this car for several reasons.  I am a big fan of front engine rear drive cars (both my Brat and hardtop were both changed to it).  I have also been wanting to see a two door in the Subaru line up for a loooong time.  It was a chance to get out of the econoboc Sentra that I had bought a couple years before.  Besides, it is one sexy looking car.  

I have done no modifications. Only real maintenance has been oil changes and inspections (both by the dealer).  Other than than I keep it cleaned and topped off with 92.


The good surely outweighs the bad on it.  The seating, I am only five nine, so not that tall, but I run the seat 3 clicks up from the back, so even if you are taller it would still be alright.  My six six friend was quite comfortable in the seat.  The seat has only a few adjustments, forward/back, recline and height (I run all the way down, 3 clicks up, and 2 clicks back).  From the seat the tilt and telescoping wheel falls in to just the perfect spot for holding and seeing the gauges, the 3 spoke is nice and comfortable to hold. The shifter sits at a nice reach, not to far or close nor too much to the side. I also find all the controls are within easy reach too (stereo and dash controls). Forward and side view are excellent.  I really like the ridges of the fenders and how they make great aim points for hitting a line through a corner.  Rear view is good through the mirror, although the extreme shortness of the back end makes me a little anxious then I look back and it looks like the car behind me is sitting on the trunk.  Power. All over the net you read about how underpowered the BRZ is, I guess it is a good thing that my previously most powerful Subaru was my Brat with a slightly built ER27, and most of daily driving was done in an EA81T with a failing automatic.  Because of my history Aura feels like a rocket ship, 0-60mph is about 6.5-7 seconds (for me). The high compression NA motor feels like it comes in to power pretty early, about 16-17 hundred, and pulls all the way to 7k.  The 6 speed shifts quite nice, and quickly. Everyone tells me I should get a short throw shifter, but to me, in stock for it has the shortest throw of anything I have ever owned.  Amenities are adequate, I prefer to not have too much stuff going on on the dash.  I do like the head unit, on board GPS functions well, better than some apps I have seen, but still has the usual logic of you should be smarter than the technology you are using. I really like the USB capability, I bought a 8gb USB thumb drive the is just a couple mm larger than the connector and leave it in the port with all the songs I have on it.  The speakers are lacking a little on the low end, but full fill my needs (if I really want some bass I will fire up the twin 12s in the turbo.


Some of the mediocre, the cup holders are in kind of a weird spot, about even with the shoulder, so you have to reach back to get something.  Although I usually have a water bottle in the door pocket, it is not a big deal for me.  An eight year old girl fits in the back seat, barely.  My wife, daughter and I have put in many miles together and while she fits in the back with my wife up front, it it not the most comfortable.  This is mostly my daily driver so not a huge point.  Some of the fit and finish is a little cheapish, like the dash panels in the front, as some point I will most likely cover them in leather or alcantara or something, but it does not really detract anything.


Some of the bad.  Hmm, not much here, the back seat, or lack there of could be once my daughter gets taller.  Blind spot, there is a pretty big blind spot to the left side, when merging left I have to sit forward and look back, although this could just be with me and where/how I sit. Not much else.


Would I buy the car again? In a heartbeat!  It is fun to drive, gets good mileage (I average 35 hwy and 28 city), and turns heads.  I get a lot of people coming up and saying "Man I bet this thing is fast" (my favorite reply "yup, does 65 all day long"). It is by far the most expensive purchase I have made (well, just under my house) but I think well worth it.  


If there is anything you think I left out or any questions let me know. Thanks.  



13987251992_45e4f56cf2_o.jpgAura and Leena (my 84 Turbo Hardtop)

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BRZ looks gorgeous.


Have you experienced any of the fo9llowing with your BRZ?


 High Pressure Fuel Pump "Cricket" Noise.

RPM Dips:

This occurs in neutral before coming to a stop. The rpm will dip to 500
rpm and it will feel like the car is about to stall, but it never does.

4th Gear Grind:

This happens at 6,000 RPM going from 3rd into 4th.



Tail Light Condensation:


Water condenses inside taillight.

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I can hear the fuel pump, but I would not call it the cricket type.  Goes away when I turn on the stereo.  This might be some more of my EA conditioning.  When I put the ER in my Brat it did not have provisions for a high pressure fuel pump, so I just strapped it to the frame with some hose clamps.  Now that was was a loud pump.


Grind from 3rd to 4th at 6k. Whew, I guess that is kind of a specific problem.  I can not say that I have hit that set of variables.  Talking to the wife though (she is a bit more a spirited on 4 wheels than me), and she has not had an grinding from the trans.  Some might call it a bit notchy, but I like the feel, it gives you a good positive feel that you are in gear.


My tail lights are clean and clear as they can be.  Even today (I might be at the bottom border of the Pacific NW but we still get the weather) with dense fog/overcast/drizzling.


I do not know if it is a fact that I am getting old and do not drive like that rump roast that I once did, or what... but I do frequent a couple FT86/BRZ/FRS forums, and I have not had the slightest of problems that I read about on there.  


Only one thing that I did have to have fixed, (and my dealership did it in about an hour, not questions) was the rear view mirror (I have the self dimming/homelink one) was a little loose and wobbling.


So I guess the moral of the story is drive like an old man and you will have minimal problems in your car... (hmm, that prolly goes for any car really, lol)


Oh, I forgot about the RPM dip.  This one is really only when the A/c is on, but I do not run the A/c so I do not experience it.  The wife has complained of it a couple times, I just ask her if it died, since it does not, I see no problem.



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I can hear the fuel pump ... Goes away when I turn on the stereo ...


...drive like an old man and you will have minimal problems in your car... 


I really Like those two of Statements. Thumbup.jpg


Also I really Like the Photo above, of Both coupes Together.



Another year has passed by Already. Any news with your BRZ?


Kind Regards.

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