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1982 corvette rescue

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  I purchased an 82 corvette last fall, I know what was I thinking. well its been a struggle to say the least but I AM finally seeing the end of the tunnel.The car had no engine or trans both removed by the PO. I got boxes of parts the block (junk) heads (more junk) trans 700r4 first generation. So I bought engine from buddy out of 69 nova he wants a big block. rebuilt the trans. and sorted out a mile of wiring. The car was originally a dual throttle body (go figure use new technology and double it for good measure. I don't have an engineering degree so I don't understand.

2013-08-03_16-24-43_333.jpg trans rebuilt with shift improver kit

  2013-11-29_11-16-03_687.jpg engine removed and awaiting install



fixed a myriad of issues along the way drank a lot of beer in the process. Spent some quality time with my son, me and buddies drank the beer after he went to bed so no hating.


drove it on Sunday and she runs good

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Definitely not a hater. I love the Corvette, just wish it was made by some company other than Chevy.


Yours is magnificent. Fantastic job.

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Thank,s it has been a challenge to put it back together. The change from TBIx2 to four bbl in itself was a pain there is no room between engine and hood. I don't know if I would tackle another vette unless it was in one piece before I got it.

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