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Subaru Impreza WRX '00

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Hi guys!

Sorry for bad english,come from Iceland hope you'll understand...

I bought my fourth Impreza recently and been working on it lately..

This is the only Impreza in Iceland that is purple.

These pictures are from when i bought the car, new pics will come when he's ready..but he does not look like this anymore



Bought fog lights recently


So here is the list what's in it :

Engine :

2002 WRX Engine driven 141.xxx KM but the rod bearings in it are finished and the crankshaft is bad so i'm going to swap another engine in it soon..but i will fix this one someday
2002 modified WRX gearbox (has stronger bearings and etc)
2005 WRX clutch and flywheel
Manual Boost Controller
3" invidia exhaust all the way from turbine
Stock BOV
Walbro 255 petrol pump

Wheels & Suspension :

18" aluminum wheels 
Cut springs but i have orginal springs that is going under (temporary) 
Stock GT shocks

Exterior :

Tinted windows (needs to be retinted though)
Yellow tint on the fog lights 

Xenon 10k
STi hoodscoop
Custom made hood
lower spoiler
One of a kind mirrors
Tinted direction lights in pallets

Interior :

Apexi Turbo Timer
White LED pears in cabinets 
Blue neon lights on the floor
Orginal MOMO steering wheel

Boost gauge
BAR gauge
2002 WRX seats 

Got some plans for it :

Xenon 10k [x]
Get the plastic in the lights in cabinets [x]

Blue Neon lights in the floor [x]
Wooden in the trunk []
Aftermarket Bov []
Yellow tint on the fog lights [x]
Buy powerful aftermarket speakers []
12" Kenwood boombox [x]
Blitz Amplifier [x]
Paint some stuff under the hood [x]
It had 2006 WRX turbo but the oil gaskets in it were finished so i changed turbine and not it has orginal GT turbo [x]
18" Aluminum Wheels [x]
Roof carriers remove []
Rear window wiper remove [x]
Repaint front bumper and the rear lip []
Tint the rear lights all red [x]
Tint the corner lights black [] (not sure about that one though)
Another spoiler []
Retint 5% []
Coilovers []

And again...Sorry for bad english,hope you like the thread ;)

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