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swap dual range 5spd into late Loyale 5spd AWD wagon?

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Hey Soobers.


Can anyone who's done this, tell me how hard it is to swap a Dual range 5spd tranny (from my 86), into a late 92-94 Loyale AWD 5spd wagon?




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In your Subaru is a 5speed with push button 4WD right? Maybe someone can confirm this but I belive ith as the smaller clutch which in turn has a different flywheel than the 5spd dual range. Might need those from the donor. Also how about the crossmember?


Just get as much as you can :) Best to have the parts car sitting there but I know how that's rarely an option.


Now is also a good time for a throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and check your clutch/friction plate/pressure plate. Do as much as you can. I feel real stupid now that I put in my tranny with a new pilot bearing but forgot about the throw out bearing which now squeeks horribly. :)

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