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Hello moderators - can we clean house of ....

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The previous Windshield Gasket Group Buy related posts ? Please ?


I'm thinking it's time to get the next order going.


Let's please clean house so there's no confusion.


Several requests for windshield gaskets and recent sales of restored or restorable 73-79's and Gen I Brats have certainly warranted another order.


Anyone else want to handle it?

One member recently inquired and got a nicer price than previous !!! Should cost the end user less than $50 shipped for sure!! Hard to believe in 2014 !


It's an effort , I've done it twice. But it is over before you know it and all equals out.

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Sorry guys , three no's there.


I did ship to Aussie , but I'm hoping to have someone else manage this lot. I'd say it's around $40USD or so for a couple of gaskets but please check that as I'm not sure and I know it's gone up the last few years.


Only the windshield gasket for our cars. No other items are stocked nor were they ever apparently.

We need and in NEED to get someone lined up for those. Same for rear of Brat or anything else we can think of.


I'm still hoping for bushing/mounts etc in urethane. Some folks have back yarded those with good results. Anyways .... Pretty soon we will have the windshield gaskets request post to see where we are at for numbers.

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