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1998 Outback Seat Cushion Discontinued

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HI, I have a 1998 Outback that I'd like to replace the drivers seat cushion. The fabric is still in good condition but the pad is worn/broken down. I called the dealer and was give part number 64220AC500 and told it was discontinued. by the way the cost of the discontinued cushion was over $300. There is another part number of 64220AC520 for $96 that they told me would not fit my VIN. Does anyone know the difference between the 2 part numbers and has anyone tried it?  I saw other posts of people buying the pad from the junk yard or swapping the passenger seat pad but all the ones I can find are in just as bad of shape. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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I'd just take it to a reputable upholstery shop. I'm sure they can rebuild the seat cushion or whatever they do.


I haven't taken these seats apart, but there's a chance the passenger side seat bottom would work on a driver side seat. I've done that on other cars before. Passenger seats are usually in better shape at the junkyard.

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Yep, just grab a good passenger side.


Easy to get out at the yard, just cut the material and remove the complete pad.  


i can get complete seats for $40 at the local UPAP self serve yard. 


$60 shipped, I'll grab you a good foam pad and ship it.

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I repaired my driver seat foam in my 99 OBW last year. I went to a wrecking yard, and bought a Subaru passenger seat that had good foam. I disassembled the seat to harvest the foam. I then swapped in the foam into my driver's seat. I used cable ties to replace the hog clips securing the fabric, that I had cut off earlier  It didn't take much time to do the swap out. Repaired seat looks and feels like new. Rides lots easier on my butt too.

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