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So i have an extra EA82 that has about 90k on it, it was running well until the head gasket went. When i took it apart i noticed one of the cylinders had a pitted rust spot about a quarter of an inch square near the end of the piston stroke. I dont remember it smoking, but it probably was to some extent.


Would it be worth boring and getting enlarged pistons if i could do the boring myself? I'm currently going to school as a machinist and may have the correct machines to do it at home. But ive read that the EA82 is not worth boring for cost reasons.


Has anyone had a bore job done on their EA82? how did it work out for you? Any and all discussion on this topic is welcome and appreciated.

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an ER27 6 cylinder XT6 engine is identical to the EA82 - it's the same exact pistons, bearings, rods, valve train, cam seals, crank seals, etc - it just has two more cylinders added to it and a few timing belt and other differences.  since the cylinders/pistons are exactly the same, this should be interesting:


mr.radon bored out his ER27 here:



finished in 2005 - needed headgaskets by 2013.


google EA82 bore and you'll get more hits here and elsewhere depending what/why you're asking.

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I'm actually about to tear that engine down since I now own it. Has a blown head gasket on #1 and is full of coolant. Hopefully I don't have any pitting in the cylinder but if I do, I will let you know what I end up doing.

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