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Air suspension trouble on Leone

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I have a 1988 Leone 1800 turbo with air suspension. Something lead to that the compressor was running all the time and broke down (probably faulty damper). I have now changed the compressor (and some faulty rear dampers) and the system fills up and stays filled up like it should. I havent managed to figure out why the compressor doesn't stop when the system (dampers and airtank) are filled up. I tried to change the pressure sensor on the tank but that didn't work. How can I tell if the sensor is broken? I can't get any readings on my multimeter! Anyone with good ideas? I do have the wiring diagram.



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Just a guess but sounds like there is an air leak somewhere in the lines. I'd check all the airline connections with soapy water looking for bubbles. My understanding of the system is the compressor charges  the air tank and the tank air charges the dampers. On North American models, the relay for the compressor is located behind the left front strut, close to the firewall and next to the brake MC. It is protected by a rubber boot. You can remove it to stop the compressor from running. 

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