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crosstrek hybrid instrument cluster problem/shutting off

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I purchased my hybrid in Jan.  Three weeks ago I experienced my hybrid's instrument cluster turn off while driving on the freeway.  I turned my AC off and it turned on by itself again.  I repeated this step over a few times until I decided to let it stay on and close the vents.   A minute later anything electrical on the front dash turns off and all needles drop to 0.  This includes the MPG screen in the middle console, the radio and AC system.  About 10 seconds later the needles jump back up as to recalibrate itself (swinging back and forth) to the current speed I was going.  I took it to Subaru and they couldn't recreate my problem.  Two days ago the instrument cluster turns off again and does the same thing.  The car is at the dealer still and they can't recreate the problem.  I'm afraid that if the dash is turning off, no power is going to the hybrid system and it can cause my ignition to turn off therefore locking my steering.   Anyone experience this yet? 


This is a little note from Subaru: 




Do not stop the hybrid system when the vehicle is moving.  This will cause loss of power to the power steering and the brake booster, making steering and braking more difficult.  It could aso result in accidental activation of the "LOCK" (off) position on the ignition switch, causing the steering wheel to lock.

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Check the battery connections, and ask if they've done a volt drop test on all the grounds.  Those can cause some weird stuff.

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