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So I am inbetween cars right now and I found this awesome community. Ive been considering a 2003 Subaru Forester XS, and I really just want everyone's opinion. My main concerns are: I do not want to buy someone else's problem; I just got rid of a car that had plenty of issues, which is why I sold it. I hear nothing but amazing things from people about Subarus. The one I am looking at has 150,000 miles, but has been a one owner vehicle, no crashes, clean title, regular maintenance, etc...what do you all think? Sound like a sure thing, or should I have reservations? I am excited nonetheless. Thanks!

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check for headgaskets leaking.  they leak externally from underneath and are easily spotted if they've started to leak.

check for torque bind.


if those are pristine and all the basic stuff checks you, you should be good to go.


i'd set aside cash to replace the timing belt with a complete timing belt kit - they're $115 on amazon for Gates kits.

even if the current owner had the timing belt replaced, that hardly matters since the tensioner and pulleys are all needing replaced by now too. if one of those fail you'll likely incur valve damage. 

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