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My '83 GL Coupe - Hardtop SSS


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As of 7-26-14 I have bought this '83 GL 2Door Coupe locally, I couldn't resist for $900 :)


Some info:


EA81 with Hydro Lifters (Possible Calif. Spec emissions)

Jatco 3AT FWD 3.700

Mileage: 75,745


The Undercarriage has some rust and a couple holes but is very fixable. Right now the plan is to get it running smooth, go thru it all, change all fluids and leave it be until Safariwagon is finished.


Time for photos! When I went to pick it up.



Got it home running on 18lbs of pressure on every tire lol.















I've always loved the rear of these cars.









Does this thing have Calif. Emissions on it?



And yes, this is someones half assed attempted at replacing the radiator with one that does not have a built in ATF cooler. This will all be changed.







Also working on getting some new Weather stripping.



Loads more to come!



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Figured out what the awful noise was while driving it home, dude told me it needed a wheel bear. After further inspection, apparently finger tightening the Axle nut, doubling the washer and chewing up the Cone washer was deemed acceptable. After I corrected it, I don't feel any roughness or play in the wheel bearing, but who wants to take a guess at how long until it fails...?

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This was the front wheel bearing though. The rear I don't have an issue changing, I did it on the Skiwagon. The front I think needs to be pressed out, and I don't have a press handy at the moment lol. I'm gonna see if I can splooge some more grease in both fronts just for giggles.

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Thats how I put the rear bearing in (Actually used a large socket to tap on, but whatever) Good to know I won't have to press new ones in if needed.


My plans are to also swap EA82 front brakes on this and if I could find a set of rear discs again I would stick them on this car (I guess they are like Gold, or unicorns now days)


Put new NGK G-Powers in today, I will be getting new Cap, Rotor and wires tomorrow. I am going also dumb some Seafoam in the car and hope it'll help it run. I have a nice dead spot off idle. I want to again swap in another carb. I wasn't happy with the new Weber I stuck on the Skiwagon, so does Edelbrock make a carb that would swap in? Looking for a nice quality one that'll actually start in cooler temps. 

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Even with a full tune up and spraying down the carb, it has a nice dead spot off idle. The carb is actually shinny new looking inside, the Jets (At least what I can see look mint) I suppose with 75,000 miles it should look decent. There are no pits inside the car (Good sign)


I think I am going to follow GDs very old post and make the old Hitachi run the best it can for now.



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Its running lean. If I stuff a rag into the carb while running, the idle picks up and it smooths out, and the dead spot goes away. The plugs were White so that indicates a lean situation as well.


I snugged the carb mounting bolts as there was a small leak at the base, doesn't seem to be there now. I will also swap out the Fuel filter.


Also, just to clarify. The cooling fan plug has two wires right? One Blue and one Yellow? The fan has the same colors, except this is the 2nd fan on the passenger side as the other fan was removed to put a ATF cooler there. I really need to get this fan working under factory operation. Also, I don't even know if the Thermo-switch is any good, it is glued into the radiator (Not a factory radiator)

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I am now cleaning up the stock Hitachi carb, I am removing everything that is unneeded to make it run correctly.




So far I have removed:


Metering Port Vacuum Control Valves



And the Anti-Afterburn Valves, plumbing and silencers. 



Need to get some expansion plugs and vacuum caps and remove a few other things.

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I finished removing all the stuff that was unneeded, it does run so much better. Its amazing how much crap you don't need on these. I also replaced the remaining Vac lines and fuel lines as I went along. Now I need to get the roll pin out of the front of the carb and adjust the mixture screw. Pictures to come!

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Today I got the title in my name and got plates, $200 later and its legally mine!


Tommorow I am going to adjust the carb to get it running the best I can get it to run, then I am going to clean the interior treat all plastics/vinyls with a good conditioner. Then I plan on waxing ever inch of it!


Need to put front seats in Safariwagon as well.

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Popped on my mint Blue center caps (I hate the wheels being black, but I will be getting new wheels soon. These aren't worth painting as these are the basic steelies) 


I also waxed the entire car. It shined up very nice and looks 80% better! The pics are before I waxed it.






Here is the carb after removing all the rubbish. I will take better photos showing everything you need to make a Hitachi run after I finish replacing the fuel lines.





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Looking good.


Fairly certain I have a good PS headlight trim piece out in the garage.


To answer the question of fan wire colors, yes on the Blue & Yellow being for the fan.

EA81's had a single electric fan for non-A/C, 2nd electric fan added for A/C, mounted on the DS of radiator.


Speaking of radiators, that one is neither EA81 or EA82. At least it doesn't match any that I've seen, stock or after market.

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Yeah I think this is an EJ radiator, they glued the Thermo switch in so I still can't get the fan to work. Gonna get a new radiator and larger fan and then wire it back like it should be. and see if it works. As for the connector, I found a two spade connector that had Blue and Yellow wires next to the radiator on the passenger side. This should be the one, right?


I don't need the trim or light, Shawn is sending me them :)


Yeah the car is clean, but the underside is horrible. :(

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I'm still not sure which direction I want to go with the Coupe yet. I kinda wanted to go with a sport coupe theme, like the BMWs of the same era. This car reminds me of the '81 320i we had, its actually a similar blue. I admit I do like the Cosmic Blue subaru covered the body in. I'm also working on a better name, EuroCoupe doesn't flow as nicely as Safariwagon :P

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