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question about exhaust note

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So I've been wondering about this for awhile now; maybe somebody on here can come up with a definitive answer on this



I'm wondering why my exhaust note changes as my car warms up...

To cover all bases it's a Webber-ized ea82
No exhaust leaks (except what slips past the quarters in the asvs)
first factory resonator still installed
Cat delete
Straight pipe to the back and out through a 2" or 2 1/2" (can't remember) magnaflow muffler


It's a tad loud but I think it sounds good, however

it sounds REALLY good when the car is not quite fully warmed up

Here is a brief clip I have on my google drive, you'll have to download it. It's virus free i assure and a simple .mp3 format
I attached it directly to this post, as well.



You can hear that really awesome subaru snarl when the gas is let off when revving it up. It's that specific snarl that happens when you let off the accelerator that I'm really keen on, and I think it sounds fantastic


Only thing is that my car only really does it when the motor is not fully warmed up!!!
When it's fully warmed up, that little burbly snarl is gone and it just sounds the same way it revs down when it revs up! No more burble.

I want that burble all the time.

That burble is the truth. :slobber:


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Possibly due to the heat? The gasses are more warm and expanded causing more even pressure when warm? When it is cold the exhaust is a bit more turbulent? I have no idea really, just making a stab in the dark.

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Expansion of the exhaust components is what's changing the tone. As they heat, they become 'softer' and the tone drops. This also effects overall system pressure which also changes the tone. Stainless steel systems aren't prone to this phenomena due to nickel being a 'harder' metal.

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So most likely there is nothing I can do to make it sound like this all the time save for expensive exhaust system changes?


I am Jack's disappointment. :-(

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