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I own a 2003 Baja base model with 245k on a well maintained engine, love the truck and plan to keep it....forever.

Here's the thing, recently I had a major tune up due to idling issues (cracked insulation on #2 plug) new wires, plugs, filters the typical package. The car has a history of Check engine "P5019" comes and goes until the plug issue. Since the tune up (at a Subaru dealer) the light stays on and when you slow down or come to a stop after highway driving....it become rough and will stall if you not hot on the clutch and gas.

The IAC and TPS have been replaced with original parts ( bought through Rockauto ).

The dealership has spent all my Halloween money and tell me its the IAC (determined after extended diagnostics) but I'm having a hard time with this. Has anyone out there had similar problem and suggested repairs.....even as much as a way to test the IAC and TPS for proper fuctions?

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