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2001 Outback Sedan HD 3.0 VDC - front driver tire locks briefly

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So my subaru is a bit worn. Replacing bits and pieces as I go. Occasionally when I make a left turn (wide turn), approximately 20-30mph, one of the front tires will briefly lock up. It's a bit of a scare and I want to fix this before winter. This normally happens to the passenger front tire, but happened to the driver front tire this morning. Mechanic isn't sure what is wrong as he can't reproduce the problem since it's sporadic. Let me know your thoughts.

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it sounds like torque bind.


do you have a flashing AT Temp light on the dash at start up?


i have not heard of this happening in the VDC before,

but i have not heard that it doesn't happen either.


the 01 VDC does not have a FWD fuse.

but it does have a VDC off fuse you can put in.

it is located in the fuse box under the hood,

the fuse should be labeled on the lid,

it is the one closest to the passenger seat, i'm pretty sure.

put a fuse in and see what happens.


i don't know enough to know if this should or will help.

but since there is no FWD fuse,

it is your best shot to diagnose your problem., maybe.


are all of your tires rthe same:




tread pattern?

tread depth?

tread wear?

air pressure?


the tires need to match.

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I suppose this could be a front diff issue.


also, has the car ever had a rear diff swap?

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The tires all appear the same. Torque bind sounds like it could be it. Haven't noticed any flashing lights on the dash other than the normal start up. I will, when I get off work, check this.


There is no record of a rear differential replacement.

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