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I'm a teenager who recently bough a '98 Impreza L with 262xxx miles after getting rear-ended and totaling my '97 Camry. I'm just looking for tips and advice from wiser and more experienced Subaru owners. Anything from a new air intake to a different muffler tip or new exhaust all together. It's a low powered engine and I want to have the kick my old turbo charged Camry had again. I've already replaced my radio and done some cosmetic work. Any input would be great. I just need help dudes.

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  Intake will get you more noise. Cheapest loud exhaust would be a 'turn down tip' . Unlikely those will boost power.


not much you can do except shed weight. Lighter rims, lightweight crank pulley, lightweight flywheel if 5 spd . If you literally will NEVER have passengers, take the seats out, or just the rear seat. If you will ALWAYS be able to call someone local for help - leave the spare and jack/tools at home, etc. Rule of thumb, 9-13 pounds = 1 hp.


There are mods you can do to make the car easier to throw around the corners, but non-turbo soobs don't have a lot of options for more power.

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Not trying to be rude, so please don't take the wrong way.. But before I would do any cosmetic work I would do a tune up, assuming you don't know much history on the cars up keep. Change spark plugs, wires, fuel and air filter, check/ change fluids. My opinion if the exhaust and air intake aren't broken why replace? Exhausts get expensive, unsure of how much money you have to put in car. I'm not an expert but I do not think you will get the same "kick" as you said the Camry was turbo charged. Hope you the best with your new Subbie!!

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