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Hi from Minneapolis

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I just purchased a 1994 Legacy Wagon. I'm going through the car and will be using this forum to hopefully find some answers. As much DIY I can find the better.


For now I know it has an issue with the driver's side suspension, it's sitting lower than spec. Any info people can throw my way (old threads and such) will be appreciated. When I test drove the car it drove without any pops or grinding noises, but it did have a donut tire on there. Once I drove it with a new tire on the driver's side it started to pop and get stuck after making turns. The other areas seem fine and to spec.


The AC doesn't stay cold. It comes and goes. Someone suggested to check the system for leaks and low refridgerant.


There is a small oil leak, but it doesn't seem to be coming from where the head meets the block, but rather the top end of the head. I was told it has had this leak for many years.


It has Cod 35 flashing on me. I've looked it up and know what needs to be done.


Stay tuned I'll be hanging around this site often.


This car will be my winter driver so I'm trying to get it ready for a blistering Minnesota winter.

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