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2014 Forester wheel & brake questions

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Hey all, been some time since I have posted here, being without a subie at the moment.  But I have continued to bring family into the fold.  My father just bought his first foreign car... a 2014 Forester.  As my knowledge is with gen 1 and 2 subies, I figured where better to find answers than the USMB!

1st: He wants new wheels, (preferably chrome)  I'm looking for used wheels for him,  what years of previous gen subies will have wheels that fit?  Is his 2014 still using the 5x100 bolt pattern?


2nd:  He wants drilled/slotted rotors and bigger brakes.  Can anyone reccomend a good source for aftermarket brakes for a 2014 Forester?  I'm just so out of the loop anymore....


Thanks guys!!

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