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Engine was taken to Engine reconditioners.measured the crank,and bits.

Pistons were within measured tolerances,so life still left in them,so

didn't go for rebore and new pistons.So EA81 engine housings bore will

be honed,new rings STD standard size.Main bearings crank ground to new bearing

size of .010 for conrod bearings STD size.


of crankshaft after petrol washed blowen with compressed air,bearing

surfaces reoiled.


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Cylinder heads skimmed.

Engine reconditioners total costs $270.00 NZ Dollars.

New bearings installed.All engine parts cleaned,

surfaces oiled,a mechanic was on hand,parts put back together

as Subaru factory service manual.


Main Bearings in one side.


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licensing ,rego on hold black plates all good.

Engine does not idle good, took it to someone to test,air leak somewhere.

3000rpm air leak disappears,spindle on carb possible?, running

lean a little, they adjusted it,drive it good to go,might have take back for

further look at it.

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Found these in pick a part rusty.

tyres taken off and dumped.

had some lacquer paint off white lying around.added a

little of yellow to it.dabbed a bit of paint on the rim

where the tyre hides the paint , the colour close to old

colour,as didn't want to paint them pure white.

The wheels rims will get road grime, brake dust over in time.


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