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94 Loyale Does not hold idle, or dies when rpm is low. HELP?

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hey everyone!


just having an issue with my 94 loyale. I recently replaced the distributor cap and I will be installing new spark plugs and wires, however when driving, my car will have a very unsteady idle or even drop so low that it will die altogether. 


 i have to feather the gas just to keep it running while its on the road and if i dont it will stall out and ill have to start it up again.


I have sprayed around the lines for vacuum leaks and i have done research on wether its the fuel injector or maybe one of the sensors or the solenoid is stuck open. i am not sure where to go from here.


 I have a chiltons repair manual and have looked over what it could be, I would just like a bit more input and direction and hopes its not a big endeavor in both cost and time. thanks! 



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Istarted experiencing this very problem (hence the reason I am on here today) after replacing my distributor cap. I also took the distributor out, and reinstalled after cleaning. I figured it might just be off by a tooth.
The rotor is pointing at the number 1 position when reinstalled, but maybe someone could post up a picture of the correct position for the distributor?



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