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87 Hatch back on its feet, running off. Rough vibration at start/lowSpd and not as efficient at power delivery.

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The Hatch received a new clutch, machined flywheel, new front DS CV shaft and hub (THANKYOUSOMUUUCH Gloyale :)


Rear drive train is a w.i.p. so currently running it without the rear shafts.

Everything else back in after the drive shaft was straightened + refurbished with new u-joints, diff worked over.


The engine was not removed to replace the clutch, the trans was pulled. It was rocked back and forth a bit, so the following symptoms.. bad engine mounts?


It starts a bit more rough, and immediately with vibrations felt through the car, never before present.

They reappear when engaging the clutch and moving the car forward from a stop and at very low speeds.

Engine not is now a subtly lower tone, and while it's not drastically slower, I can tell it runs with a bit less power.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Bonus engine bay pic, glad to see my rear end paint job from New Year's holding up extremely well, but sorry no pics of that yet.







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Engine mounts are a possibility. Double check all your trans mount points as well. make sure anything that was removed is good and snug. Clutch cable adjustment can be a possibility. I had one where the clutch was barely brushing at idle. Made a whirring noise and shook the car til I adjusted it.


Can also just be vac hoses as mentioned, plugs, wires, old gas, fuel filter. How long was the car off the road?

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