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Hello from AZ

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Hello, I'm looking forward to learning from all your wisdom!  I am awaiting an 81 Brat being shipped from Montana.  I'm a huge fan of old Japanese cars and trucks and will be sliding the Brat right next to my 76 TE37 Corolla.  While the Corolla is in a long slow build I'm looking forward to the Brat as more of a daily driver.  Thank you all ahead of time for all the help!  Pictures as soon as I get it here.

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Howdy Arroz from another desertrat .  I'm up in the Kingman area and got bitten by the old Subaru bug a few years ago .  


I saw a nice  82 or 83 Brat on Craigslist down in your area just the other day .  Looked pretty decent too .  $1600 firm he said he wanted ( but cash talks ) .... I thought about it but have 2 Subie projects as it is .  Along with a bunch of old motorcycles , a Mini Cooper S and several others .  I'm all full up :)


Newbie here too .... welcome to the fold of misfits .  





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