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2005 Outback 3.0R struts / shocks replacement

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Howdy, we have the 2005, and it needs suspension work. I am pretty handy and well equipped, and use the lifts at the garage on a military base - however, this is new to me. The garage has a strut / spring compressor mounted to the wall I can use. I need some recommendations for the best way to go about that.


Should I just buy replacement struts with the coil (front) and the similar full assembly set up for the rear ?


Or should I buy only the struts (front) and shocks (rear) and then reuse the coils ?


I reviewed some of the info about ghostwalking, which is not an issue we have experienced. In the solutions area it says...


Solution #3: Replace worn rear dampers. The
2005-2009 chassis dampers (struts/shocks) are notorious for premature
wear. The rear end is the worst with a floatly/bouncy feeling after only
a few years of use. The fix is to replace the rear shocks with a more
robust aftermarket brand like KYB Excel-G/GR-2. Using the 2003-2004
chassis rear KYB shocks is a popular option because they stiffen the
rear end considerably and are 100% compatible with the 2005-2009 cars.
See the main suspension FAQ thread for more info.


Would that be the best way to go at this point ??


I am not sure what a "damper" is, unless they are referring to the entire shock / strut assembly. They mention only the shocks, so are they reusing the spring coil ?


Any other recommended struts or shocks, or should I stay with OEM from Subi ?


Thank you, C

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KYB is the "go to" replacement for most of us, altho I didnt know about using the 03-04 versions on the rear of the 05-09 cars - sounds like what we need to do with our new to us 06 Outback - it is still kind of bouncy even after replacments.


Springs - kind of up to you - if the car has been really bouncy for a long time they could be weakened somewhat from the excess wear.


Be sure to check the front top mount bearing - these do wear out and will affect handling

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Thanks - I will be doing the KYB struts. Don't know about the King coils, the are pricey for sure. Can anyone recommend a place to buy King ? Primative has a pair for  $249, which I consider expensive. Are there any alternatives, particularly to beef it up a little ? Thanks much. C

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Primative is the only place I personally know about for the King Springs, but others may have alternate sources - maybe try google?


I went with OE springs on KYB struts for my 95 Legacy - very happy with the ride, not overly harsh, but not mushy either.

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Heartless, I am leaning towards OE springs. Those with the new struts will be good enough for our family car. I was hoping to buy some heavier duty shocks in case I ever put a tow package on the car, but they are harder to locate then one would think. Thanks for your input.

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