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1979 Brat carb questions and advice

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I just latched onto a nice little '79 Brat project car and the carb is missing .   Just pondering if I should I scrounge up an original rebuildable carb or convert to a 28/32 weber ?  I have 3 old rebuildable 28/32's laying around the shop but I'm wondering if it may be too big for a 1600  engine ?  If I go the weber route should I use the originald old EA71 manifold or get something from another engine that would offer a bit better performance ?  I did a search but didnt really find the answer .... but I'm sure some of you guys have been through this before .   


BTW  greetings from Arizona ,  I'm a new member and own 2 Brats ... an '82  and this '79 I just bought yesterday .  Neither are finished up yet but nice rust free AZ cars in need of TLC .  The usual story ... sheetmetal excellent  but the plastic bits roasted by the heat .  The '82 is a runner but I pulled it apart for paintwork and then fell into the gen 1 car .  The '79 looks like hell but a very straight body and all the parts are there .  It was partially dissasembled by the previous owner but he did a good job of tagging and bagging and didnt destroy the car pulling it apart . Spare tranny , starter and some other bits and pieces .  100'000 miles on the clock .  


Thanks for any welcome advice .  I'll get some pics up when I get my camera charged up .  




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If you already have a Weber no point looking for a Hitachi! No it will not be too big but you might have change the jetting to suit.


Simplest way is to keep your existing manifold and buy an adapter plate for the Weber.

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