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Subaru J10 Advice

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Hi all,


I am thinking of buying a second hand Subaru J10.


Is there anything I should be aware of, good and bad? :)


Also, if anyone can give me advice on what to look for when I check the car out, it would be much appreciated.



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A J10 eh? Most of us on here are from the states, and we have no such critter by that name over here. Maybe if you can get a picture for us to see whot they look like, it might be something that we do have, and be able to offer up some advise on it. But for the moment, I know at least I'm stumped.


Ohkay, I did a little poking around, and I think I've come up with whot we're working with. Over here we call em Justy's. So if you edit your title, with J10/Justy, you'll prolly get a lot more reply's right away. Hope you get whot your looking for, and welcome aboard.

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