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opinions on subaru baja as work truck

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Thinking about this.....


Work trucks I've had before:  


1998 Ford Ranger 4wd

1994 F250 diesel ex-cab 4wd

1984 Mitsubishi diesel 4x4 truck with tool topper

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4wd hemi

1989 Subaru GL wagon

1956 2 ton chevy 16' flatbed (only when really needed because it gets 4mpg).


I do solar electric work -- and will be switching to more off grid remote stuff, and less in town grid-tie stuff.  Most of the time, I'm hauling a bunch of electrical tools, some ladders, and maybe 500lbs or less of materials.  Some long 10 foot stuff so a roof rack or a 10 foot+ flatbed is good. 4wd is essential.  The 3/4 ton truck was nice because you could haul LOTS of stuff... but honestly, I only used it's real capacity a few times a year, and it got 14mpg and was a pain to park anywhere.  And I do a lot of driving on dirt roads, and the subies (I've owned about a dozen of them) ride so much better on dirt roads -- you still have your teeth and spinal disks after a day working out in the boonies :)  The mitsubishi was my favorite, but it wore out and they don't make them any more....   the ranger was nice, but didn't get great mileage, and also wore out.   The old GL suby was actually fairly good work truck, but sometimes I wished I had an "outside" pickup bed because of hauling old leaking batteries and such.  The new dodge is the current one, but it's a company truck, not mine, and it's really kind of big as well for most days -- still hard to park in town.   I'm looking at starting my own venture, so would need my own truck... price of the used baja's is about in the range.  I like the idea of getting 20's for mileage instead of teens, and I do have other trucks for the few days a year when I need to haul 8,000lbs or something.


Anyone out there who has used a baja (or outback) as a work truck got feedback on this?





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They sell some boxes for hauling batteries in if that's an issue.  I like the Outback better than the Baja but for this its a tossup on which would be better.  The back of an Outback with the seats folded flat is actually larger than a Baja bed but like you said its inside the cabin.  An Outback is a lot cheaper than a Baja too.

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I'd get an outback and tow a trailer with it.


As a stand alone Subaru's are weak.  I've driven cross country hunting trips, i do community clinics helping people with cars - hauling all my air compressor stuff and tools....subarus are limited in space.  truck or trailer is ideal.   i would think you'd severely cramp your style if you're doing this all the time.


but with a trailer and a truck as back up - that would be awesome.  i have a truck but also dislike driving it unless i have too. 


it's capacity is simply greater but if i don't need that capacity i enjoy not having to use it.

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