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My stumbled upon Gold on wheels, '98 OBS

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I seem to move quickly between cars, could be that I'd like to have more than one but can't afford it. Or it could be I jump at the opportunity to try something new. Either way, I'm loving every step of the way.

Given the skills I've picked up in the "used car sector", I sold my car this summer with plans to buy something cheaper and utilize the excess elsewhere.

Did NOT plan on getting a Subaru, mainly because there's crap in my area ha, but after diligently searching for something worth it's price, I spotted a sweet looking wagon. Even got past the fact that it was an automatic :lol:, once I saw the potential.

Engine is SOLID, first run of the rectified EJ22's (late 97' build, model year 98'). No leaks, all cv shafts/boots are clean, oil looks good and doesn't seem to burn at all. I realized this car must have been granny owned, having survived Illinois' winters and harsh city streets.
Jumped on it, glad I did.

So... here's some pics

To date I replaced the oil and coolant, trans fluid looks good, plan on doing the rear diff fluid soon.
Managed to swap the TB, pulley's, and waterpump a week ago @ 151k (HUGE thanks to rrgrr for the help!)
Picked up a set of steelies, painted em and threw on some Blizzaks. I think silver might have been a better color, but hey I like how it stands out!

I forgot about my WRX swap, I bought a mid-2000's WRX catback (stock) with low mileage.
The rear mounting flange needed to be rotated, otherwise it would have been bolt-on.


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To date, I've taken my Outback Sport and played mix and match with it and  some other Subies.


-I replaced the exhaust/muffler piping, cat back, with a low mileage 2004 WRX mid pipe/muffler.

Dual tips with a growl, check.

-Went up a size in wheels, because of an opportunity I couldn't pass up: 15" OBS to 16" 01' 6 spoke RS rims.

     -Picked up a set of matching used Goodyear Triple-threads.. sized for a Forester XT @ 215/60R16

Big beefy summer set, check.

-My front seats weren't very comfortable for my long commutes, they lacked bolster and in general were worn and squishy.

     Swapped in some Black on grey RS seats...
oh hell yeah, they actually match the black/grey dash and pushed the
car away from that Granny-car grey color scheme. Also much cleaner, and
the bolsters are bigger.

Seats to keep me from sliding around  :burnout:


My last update consisted of a new WP/TB and pulleys, and I repainted my hood scoop semi-gloss black.


One last major change, I swapped out my decrepit struts and noisey front endlinks with a WRX set from 2004 with 75k.

:D Just have my drums to service this weekend, and short of a better radio, my car is good.


It's a nice feeling to just be satisfied with your car, not worrying about anything neglected or needing to be done.

                                                  Ehem.. that bearing will call to me eventually.










I have since peeled the Wagon Silhouette off, the "USMB" looks good opposing the Gold Outback emblem.














decided on the strut project after a nasty winter hit, knocking out the
front stability. IMG_20150202_155038.jpg


Last but not least, been spotting subies. It's gotta be a Subie thing, people are amazingly helpful.



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Did the WRX stuff yield much lift to the suspension? Last picture makes it look taller than the one next to it but might just be perspective. Great looking car!

Last picture was pre-REXifying, my tires were simply taller and he's parked in the curb..


The WRX setup gave ~0.5-0.7 of an inch in lift over stock,

I've just ordered some saggy butt spacers to center the rear struts, as they aren't + are messing with camber in a bad way. (Today the back lost grip in ehem.. an aggressive turn.)

The spacers will set that up right and possibly lift the rear slightly higher. Should come out well and give me some good highway performance.


For now, I'll wait til I finish up the project (next weekend) before I run it through it's paces.

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