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95 Lego KYB gr2 question

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So...  I'm in the process of putting some 1st gen outback struts and wheels/ tires (probably stock 205/70r/15) on my car to gain a little more clearance. I was going to wait until spring time next year, but the current struts are beyond blown out and I'm scratching the bejesus out of everything after less than about half a foot of hardened snowfall here in Oregon. From searching on forums, I found that the springs in my 95 should be the same size as the springs in a first gen outback (?). Will there be a huge difference in ride quality over my older springs and either newer used outback springs (still first gen) or brand new ones? Or does the height and ride quality really depend on the strut more than the spring? The reason I ask is that I haven't been able to track down outback springs for purchase by themselves anywhere, unless I bought a used pair. So far, my options appear to be:

1. Buy 4 KYB's for a 1st gen outback and use my 95's springs.

2. Buy the whole strut assembly from a pick in pull or wrecking yard from a 1st gen outback and run the risk of buying worn out struts.

3. Buy 4 KYB's for a 1st gen outback and 4 new springs (from?).

4. Buy the whole strut assembly from a 2nd gen Forester (though there seems to be mixed opinions on whether this is a purely bolt on mod or not).


Any recommendations? 

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