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Alright i have a 95 legacy wagon i love the car but got a few problems my main one is while driving it loses all power then kick backs in sometimes it will die but firw back up my check engine light ia on and says neutral safety switch. So my question is could that be causing it to just shut off randomly? Has anyone else had a problem of your car dieing firing right nack up it doesnt have an exact point that it does idle it dies driving it dies grr im so irritated just typing about it

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MAF sensor. This is becoming a common occurance in the older cars. Pop a used MAF in it and you should be good to go.


If you're adventurous, you can pop the top cover off the MAF and resolder the connections where the pins for the plug meet the pins on the PCB. The problem these have is one of the solder joints will crack, and the MAF signal to the ECU will drop out intermittently. When the ECU loses the MAF signal it cuts fuel, which kills the engine. A second or so later the loose connection will re-touch, the signal comes back and the ECU resumes fuel. When the car is still rolling it will re-fire and keep right on going.


I've attempted to fix three of these now. Two of them worked. They're back in use in my car and my girlfriends car. The third one was tested and the resolder didn't fix it, so it doesn't work sometimes. But if you have 20 minutes and can solder, it's worth a shot.

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