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Does anybody know what the function of each wire off a '98 Legacy GT (EJ25) alternator is ?

There's a connector with 2 wires, b/w and white. The b/w one if for the alternator light. (That's the only thing I know).


There is a terminal with a little nut which also has a white wire, I assume this one goes to the Battery.


So what's the other white wire from the connector for ? Is this a separate powersupply for the wiring harness ? Do both wires put out the same power ?




(BTW, I'm putting this motor in a '70 Beetle, so I can't just trace the wires :)



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The other white wire just goes to the battery, the same as the big fat one that's connected tot he screw terminal. It's for the field windings of the alternator.

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