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EA71-EA81 electronic disty q's answered

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Ok I've had a lot of people asking me about my disty swap. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about now you'll know. When I first got my '79 4wd wagon, the points disty was full of oil and just taking a crap on me. I decided to do a disty swap to a newer electronic disty from an EA81 2wd. Now for those of you who are thinking about the swap here's what you do:


1. Pull out the old disty and remove the wires and vacuum lines going to it.

2. Remove the ballast resistor and the little box on top of the coil so you have JUST the coil on the mount.

3. On mine I had to figure out which vacuum line went to the advance and which one went to the retard so one you know, plug off the retard I believe and use just the advance.

4. Connect the wires from the disty to the coil (yellow-negative, black-positive)

5. Reset your timing and away you go!!!


If you have any other questions, lemme know and I can see what I can do. I hope this helps everyone that has the older points disty:D

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