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So i currently own a 2000 legacy wagon, and am concidering buying a standard impreza for use of parts, i want it's manual transmission, sway bars if possible, drive shafts, and I know I will need it's rear differential. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how compatible these two vehicles are?? A response would be greatly appreciated. 

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Not much... The 97 is gonna have a 4 bolt bellhousing, the 2000 an 8 bolt. You can put a 4 bolt trans to an 8 bolt engine, though. The front and back axles are (i think) wider on the outback, but not 100% sure on that one. The driveshaft won't work. They both have different rear diffs, but if you use the one from the impreza in the outback, that's fine. Sway bars are different.

I take it you're doing a manual swap in the outback? You won't be able to use the impreza clutch pedal stuff in the outback.


Basically if you're looking for a parts car for the outback, not a whole ton from the impreza is gonna work. You want a 2000-2004 legacy or outback.

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99+ forester would work as a donor as well as 02+ Impreza.


Make sure that if you switch from auto to manual that you also swap matching rear differential as the final drive of the trans needs to match the diff.


Not much can be used from a 97 on that car. I've owned both. In 99 subaru changed a lot around. Lots of 1990-98 can be swapped pretty easily. Some 99 and most 2000+ is interchangeable but across that 99 year line most is non compatible.

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Thanks guys i really do appreciate it. I have a friend of mine trhing to convince me to just swap my engineninto the impreza.. Mind you the body is god awful, and i would much rather the larger wagon. also, any ideas if swapping struts from an outback to a legacy would be direct fit and raise the curb height?

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Too much work to swap engines between those.

The short block can be swapped, and you use the heads and manifolds from the Impreza on the legacy block. But that setup is going to require premium gas because it will raise the compression, and will need special head gaskets.


Manual trans swap... More of a pain than it'll be worth. Plus the 3.90 FDR in the Impreza trans will not be suited to the heavier legacy, especially if you plan to put bigger tires on it.

You'll still need clutch pedal and brackets from a MT Legacy 00-04 because the Impreza stuff is probably different. Same with center console trim.


You're better off to find a MT Outback from 00-04 to use as a donor. Trans and rear diff will have the 4.11 FDR, pedal rackets will be right, all the trim will be there. Plenty more reasons, but basically it will be much simpler for you to do the swap when you have all the right parts there.


Yes, you can swap in Outback struts and get about 1-1.5" lift. Need to stick with 00-04 for proper fitment. Swap wheels and tires to outback size for another 1".

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