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Help troubleshooting. Ea82 will not start!

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Hello again everybody!

after doing a full reseal on my 1990 loyale ea82 I can't get the darn thing started! here's what I've done / replaced

-New plugs, plug wires, coil, rotor, cap and timing belts.

-The timing belts were installed as per milefox's video on the proper flywheel mark.

-The distributor was stabbed on TDC on the compression stroke.

-Checked all fuses.

-Battery tests out good.

-I can pull the coil wire off the dist. and I get a nice hot spark.

Even with a shot of starter fluid I don't even get a sputter.

I'm losing my mind!! :banghead:  

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do you get any back fire through exhaust or inlet ? If so, may indicate plug wires or dizzy not correct


1990 is it carb, spfi or mpfi not turbo


then you also have different dizzys to deal with for different instruction

I often find I need to do comp test to confirm good compression or even at least


then, dizzy needs to be set so it is a speck off firing position on #1 of course and flywheel at the timing mark not TDC

so if you have a dizzy with vac can style and inside is the magnetic pick up, I found 25 though gap between two passing bits at timing mark on flywheel, then starts....

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Thank you all for the replies!

It turned out to be 180 out at the distributer. flipped it around and everything fired right up!

Another question: I installed a new timing belt kit (belt, tensioners, etc.) the pulley on the right side is giving off a very loud squeal. As anybody had this happen? Am I okay to just run it since its brand new or replace it? 

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I'd remove it and spin it by hand to be sure the bearings are okay. Make sure the belt runs along it nice and straight. Make sure it's not too tight or loose. Just because it is new it could still be defective. Shouldn't be making any noticeable sounds. With timing belts it's better to be safe than sorry. One of those breaks and you're stuck.

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Well I finally got into the front of the engine... It turned out to be the smooth pully on the driver side. However, it wasn't bad bearings. The spring that hooks from the pulley to the engine block was rubbing on the back of the pulley! I flipped the spring around, threw the belts back on and bam! No squeal!

Now, all I need to do is get everything dial in and start working on my rust spot and getting the body prepped for paint :)

Thanks everybody!



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