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1986 XT Turbo 4WD Relay Locations

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I must be blind or stupid, but I can't find my fuel pump relay. Nor can I find the location listed anywhere on here or the Internet.

So, I turn to my fellow Subaruians, anyone know where the bastard's hiding? I need to replace him.

Also, the 85/86 XT's are unique in their wiring setups, at least according to my craptastic Chilton manual. And even more-so because it's a bloody turbo.

So, anyone have any ideas? Every location has been checked aside from putting the car on a lift and scouring the underside.


Also, it specifies the relay sits between the EGR valve and the fuel pump in the wiring harness. This may or may not help depending on if anyone's torn down a harness or not.



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Just from memory I seem to recall there is a bank of 4 relays more or less under the ash tray. The center console needs pulled to gain access. Also recall there is another relay under the passenger side (back set area) panel. This one will not be easy to access. Remove rear seat and then whatever that interior panel is called and I have really no idea what it is a relay for but always thought because of its nearness to the fuel pump, maybe it is the fuel pump relay. 

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yeah, I found fuel and ignition relays on a bracket behind and below the radio of the upright centre dash and thought what a hard as place to access just to check or replace !! The turbo knock sensor is also there on the 85 86 three plug ECU controlled beast

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