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Drove the new 05 Turbo Legacy GT - Ride and Drive Pix...

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Yep I was lucky enough to attend the Launch of the new GT Turbo over the past few days.... pretty incredible car !!


I drove Wagons, Sedans, 5 speed and AT's....

handling was fantastic...

looks/design... i personally like it!!!


check out some of the photos....

--->click here for photos and details


We drove them all... GT, 2.5, Outback....



one bad arse looking car!!!



we should see them in just a couple of weeks in dealerships everywhere...



even got to drive the outbacks out in the desert!



detailed displays and cutaways..



and the event was held in Vegas!!


Bellagio water show...





the GT Turbo is the best Legacy by far!!! very far ;)





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Did you aculy take the Outbacks off road or just down a dirt road? Also how much lighter are then legacys. I dont know about the new 5spd auto, hopefullly its beefy, sence i guess it one of the lightest ones out there even tho it has the extra stuff for the AWD.

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Damn that's TOO cool! You are one lucky gal! :D That cut away car is so cool; I love looking at cutaways like that. Really sheds light on HOW things work. Not just how they say it works with their fancy names :) Looks like there is PLENTY of room near those strut srping seats for some bigger tires! muahahaha And those XT guages... tadamn!

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