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What other subaru has compatible parts with 82 brat?

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Hi friends,


I have had this brat for a few years.  Never really knew anything about mechanics before, and I have been learning!  


I can't find a wheel hub anywhere for my brat.  I have been searching to figure out what other subaru vehicles have universal parts with my 82 brat without any luck.  The gear on the front wheel hub are totally stripped.  I can't find a replacement part anywhere!  nothing online no auto parts stores stock it and subaru was not helpful at all.  Recently an old brat got into a junk yard but the hubs were pulled before I could get out there!  I'm at a total loss.  Does anyone know if there are other models/years of subaru that would have a compatible hub?



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'82 thru '87 Brat.

'81 thru '84 wagon.

'81 thru '87 hatch.

Not sure if i've covered all years, Gen 1's might be compatable.

I'm sure someone will be along shortly with better info.

And welcome aboard!



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And you're in Seattle, can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Subaru. Drop a line in the wanted section and see what bites.

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