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Guest ShawnW

New Message Board Coming!

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Guest ShawnW

200 days remain on our Ezboard Gold Status. A decision has been made to not renew with Ezboard. The board here wont disappear, but the gold benefits will. We have moved from one message board to another before and it wasn't bad so please accept change gracefully and trust the administrators along with giving them the benefit of the doubt/your patience during the process if anything should go against plan.


I am working with a few people from the board here on creating a new Message Board that utilizes our own serverspace.


Please bookmark the Ultimate Subaru Website which is http://www.ultimatesubaru.org or just remember the address as that will be how you get to the board in the future.


There will be an overlap period where both boards are up and operational. Users will slowly be introduced to the board and this one will slowly be no longer utilized.


Submissions of photos to the Ultimate Subaru website will no longer be accepted. This is due to the fact that Brian has a fantastic photo site at http://www.usmb.net. See his post about how to upload photos in the Forum Related Comments forum.


Any questions about the migration, please create a post in the USMB Migration Forum and I will attempt to answer questions as soon as I have their answers.


I will soon have a way for users to contribute to the new system financially in a similar way to the community chest to offset costs of the new board.


I must give thanks to Ezboard for their services over the last few years. They were pretty good but our needs are more specific now and we feel we can do this on our own in ways more specific to our needs. Please do not flame about Ezboard they have their place on the web and have a good service. Good relations with them will enable us a smoother transition.

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