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new to subaru + my story

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So I recently have found myself purchasing a 1997 Subaru Legacy L. I've never had a Subaru before always wanted one but could never afford one....or so I thought. For a whole 650$ I found my Subaru on Craig's list and started the wonderful journey of my project in motion. She is a 97 legacy L with the 2.2L 4cyl and I purchased her at 238xxx she's got 2425xx on her now and I adore it. At 3400 lbs her lol 2.2 puts out 160hp (obviously many people know this herejust stating what ice learned and done) I've replaced both struts in the rear with vsv struts off a 97 legacy GT AS WELL as a fuel sending unit from the same car. Pick and pull has been my friend for this. I need a new windshield front shocks and struts fix front differential tires and I'm sure much more. I've also have to get a rear bumper as I bought it without the bumper and a hitch attached I've contemplated doing an sti swap but not sure what I need. I've read I need an ECU motor rear differential and tranny along with wiring harness and clutch to do a manual tranny. I need some education and help with her.


My name is weyland and this is my Subaru story.


Any help and advice would bee greatful

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