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part number coolant hose from throttle body 96 ej22

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i can not find the part number for the small coolant hose that runs from the crossover pipe to the throttle body.

it starts right next to the 2 wire temp sensor and runs underneath to the other side of the throttle body.

and i can not find the part number any where.

and i have looked every where i can think of including two forums, opposed forces, online parts dealers and my local dealer.


the hose on the other side, (part # 807607191) feeding the throttle body with coolant is easily found,

it is an ''el'' shaped 7.5mm hose about 6 inches long (shaped like a large allen wrench, long leg / short leg).


the parts guy at the dealer spent some time looking,

but announced before he did that it was a hard one to find and he was not optimistic.

he also stated that ''tech support'' suggested using 2 of the others to make up the one i need.

sounds fishy, but maybe.


so unless one of you smart folks has the number handy,

i'm going to buy 9/16 coolant hose and use that.

the risk there is it may kink and stop or reduce the coolant flow.

but since my alternate solution is to bypass the throttle body altogether,

that does not scare me too much.

how much would it mess up my emissions / mpg / engine power if i do not ''warm / cool" the throttle body.

i'm in sw VA, winter = 0 to 40 degrees , summer = 80 to 97 degrees, most years.

very few days out side of those limits, at least until the polar ice caps are gone.


part number please?





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You mean the one that goes from the crossover to the IAC valve? Or the one between the IAC and TB?


The one from the crossover to the IAC Subaru updated the part number to use the same hose as the one that runs from the bypass/ heater pipe to the throttle body.

It looks goofy at first, but it works fine. Had to replace mine years ago and wasn't optimistic, but the master tech at the dealer here told me they did it all the time and assured me it would work.

Haven't had any issues, even in this last winter when we had frequent single digit temps in the morning.

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