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Parts Needed for 1980 1st Gen BRAT GL

I am trying to eliminate a slight shaking at higher speeds and would like to get an alignment done.  I found about half of the parts I would like to replace, but I am having trouble finding the inner ball-joint assembly parts.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


(See the attached photo to match the following numbers)


What I REALLY need:

4. Lock nuts

5. Boots

6. Snap rings (boot)

7. Ball-joint assemblys

8. Lock washers



What I was able to find and already purchased:

1. Dust seals

2. Snap rings

3. Tie rod ends


- Outer ball-joints


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I am in the midst of redoing the front end of my 78 Wagon, so bought everything from Amazon, actually!  I purchased the bushings for the radius arm, inner control arm bushings, inner tie rod, tie rod ends, ball joints, etc. I already had some strut tops, but RockAuto had those as I remember.


Note that Amazon says 'out of stock' on most of that since I bought all the quantities they had! :P



edit: I went to ball joints that used nylock nuts instead of castellated+cotter pin. and reused the factory bolts/nuts since they were still good.

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I think they have them as well, I haven't had any trouble finding parts using just Amazon and RockAuto, honestly. Partsgeek got me a gasket set for a Daihatsu I had years ago, but the first two should be fine. I used RockAuto for cross-referencing sometimes and purchasing on Amazon due to my Prime account, but RockAuto really deserves the business since they stock so much for the old Subarus!

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