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98 Legacy Outback Lift/Build

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I need to build front and rear bumpers with hitch recievers to mount my 12,000lb winch on when I need it,


watch the journey!

I can build you a set of bumpers and Nerf bars, I'm building a set for my own ride Scott

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Plans for this vehicle changed slightly, stripped the paint and gave it a rust coat, got my exhaust figured out with a glasspack and some tight bends to get the end of it higher, got some lighting. I'll try to get pictures of the exhaust in daylight at some point, just threw a 2 foot Thrush glasspack under it with a few bends.


Next on list is bumpers, not certain about those yet. I'm also not certain about whether its worth rebuilding my current engine, the ej25d, or swapping in an sti motor, ecu, transmission, differentials and axles. Either way, this will be down the road a ways.



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Decided to take the subaru out to Sand Lake on a last minute decision at 5 in the morning, as it needs some redemption from last trip when I busted a spring after 10 minutes. Sand was hard, and wet, but it was surprisingly crowded nonetheless. 









Drove up the bowl with no issues, surprisingly. This thing is more capable than I gave it credit for.



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