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oil pump rebuild questions

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Low oil pressure on my ea 82 xt. How difficult / costly to rebuild oil pump? Is it a likely problem. What is involved?



w mi

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hey man, first thing i would check out would be the oil sending unit. they are known to read low w/age.try a new one[$25,30] bucks.resealing the pump $12 kit perty basice, now to pull the thing!!!!on a earlyer link[thread]we talked in depth about extration. they can be easy or<>?#$$%! pull of front pully ,then the 4 bolts. GENTLY pull up/down on oil filter,wd40ect. i use a small pry bar small wood block[as a shim, don't pry on the :plate they can brake off the "ears"i pry the horisontal"bolt afair"[over flow valve?] on front of pump ,with shim on block ketch the tip of bolt affair with your pry bar again rock oil filter up/down while putting presure on the single bolt on the front.take your time and "woory"it out.they seen to come out easer w/the motor hot.it can take 10 min or hours. some times i only got movement out while pushing down on filter.take your time its a main leak area.you'llbe glad when all the new seals are in.no more leaks good luck todd

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