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Stock tire size with no lift/mods for Gen 1 Brat?

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Hi folks,

I know this has been covered a million times, but unfortunately I can't find a clear answer.

I'm looking to swap out my old tires (165/65R13) for new shoes before attempting to drive across the country.

I'd like to go as large as possible without running into any rubbing issues or requiring any sort of lift or fender cuts.

It seems as though folks are recommending 165/80, 175/70, 175/80 and some 185/70.

Does anyone have experience/recommendations with any of these on a Gen1 Brat?

I'm leaning toward 175/70 to be safe, but I'd love to hear what people think (and see any pics that might be floating around).


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175/70 is all I ever use (13 inch rims), so I know it fits fine without issues. However, it is a low-ish profile tyre and if you wanted something taller then and I am sure an 80 profile tyre would also fit (It will throw out the gearing and speedometer!).

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Has anyone out there had any success running 185/70?

I've found a set of Kumho's that look pretty solid, just don't want to pull the trigger if they're going to cause any rubbing, etc.,.

Please let me know, otherwise I'll stick with 175/70.

Thanks again!

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I probably have the widest and largest tires possible sitting underneath my gen 1.  However, I did a 6 lug conversion with a ton of research to get a 15" rim with the correct back spacing to make everything clear and not rub.   Here is a helpful diagram of what the sock wheels are vs. what I ended up doing. 





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Thanks for the help folks, just wanted to update and let everyone know I went with 185/70R13 and they fit fine.

A few more things to tackle (axle replacement, weber swap, pertronix installation) and I'll be attempting to drive my Brat from Vegas to Toronto via Route 50.


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